We are your Guardians!
Providing Safety & Protection for you, your family, your business, and your assets. 

We are not the average security company

Thereat Intelligence and Protection LLC is an owner-operated bodyguard agency serving clients in Florida.

What we do:

-  High Conflict Child Custody Cases

-  Extended Witness Protection 

-  Local and Federal Law Enforcement supportive operations 

-  Reduction of Force 

-  Court and Trial Conflict - Resolution

-  Child overwatch program, (Guardian)

-  High-Threat, Covert, and High Visibility Executive Protection. 

-  Family Care 

-  High-Value Asset Protection and Transport 

-  Counter Surveillance 

-  Active Shooter Prevention and Intervention 

Yes, we are responding to our emails within 24 hours

Yes, we care

Yes, we are professionals, licensed and insured 

Yes, we have high education degrees 

Yes, we are trained and train regularly

Yes, this is what we do full time

Yes, we are proud of our standards and personal character 

Yes, we are passionate advocates of safety and security


No, we are not retired ex-cops.

No, we are not fat mall cops wearing white socks with black pants

No, we are not dudes who wanted to be cops, but they didn't make the cut. 


We offer full-scope protection services for Dignitaries, and Court Officials. 

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B - 3000202


104 S Pineapple Ave, Sarasota, FL 34236




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